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by on August 31, 2022
One of the sad truths about the modern travel industry is that timeshares and vacation clubs continue to prey on travelers. Hundreds of thousands of timeshare products are purchased every year by travelers who were lured into slick sales presentations at timeshare resorts — only to find out that they purchased an ongoing financial burden of timeshare maintenance fees, exchange fees, repairs, and other costs.     To add insult to injury, these owners find that there is no real timesh...
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by on March 14, 2022
Netflix has pioneered TV and video streaming as the world’s largest OTT streaming service, so it’s no surprise that we have 8.3 Million paying customers with viewers in 190 countries across the world.  The way we consume traditional media is changing thanks to Netflix. Certainly, while Netflix has emerged to beat & be an impactful stalwart, traditional means of experiencing entertainment, has got itself to the tip of the iceberg!  1. Subscription-Based Model It goes without saying that, s...
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